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Restoring your smile

Dentures are a practical, cost-effective way to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth. We can replace all your teeth with full dentures or fill in a few spaces with partial dentures. They are usually made from acrylic, with a gum-coloured plate and natural-looking teeth. In some cases, a cobalt-chrome metal framework with clasps may offer additional benefits. We can also provide metal-free flexible partial dentures that clip into place.

If you want your dentures to be extra secure, they can be supported and retained by dental implants. This is an advanced specialist treatment option and is not available under NHS regulations in general dental practice. Stabilising dentures in this way can ensure they function more like natural teeth and will not move around in your mouth. Please see our dental implants section for further information.

Step One
First, we assess your mouth and make sure dentures will work for you. We then take impressions and create a wax block so that we can establish your bite.

Step Two
One of our laboratory technicians produce your custom-made replacement teeth and create a wax model so that we can check for fit and aesthetics.

Step Three
When your dentures are ready, we ensure they fit properly and show you how to use them. It may take some time for you to adapt to your new teeth.

What are the plus points?

  • can enhance your smile, leading to increased confidence
  • help to improve your facial appearance
  • make eating and speaking easier
  • a partial denture can prevent existing teeth from moving

What else do I need to know?

It is important to have realistic expectations about dentures as they are considered to be a substitute for missing teeth, rather than for your own natural teeth. It may take a while to get used to your dentures as they will probably feel a little strange in your mouth.

It may also be difficult to eat, so it is a good idea to start off with softer foods and gradually try and eat harder foods. You may also find that your speech is affected, but if you practice talking and reading out loud, you will start to talk normally again.

Dentures are removable, so they can cleaned and soaked in water while you sleep and any remaining natural teeth can be brushed as normal. You should also brush your dentures to remove plaque and food debris using a toothbrush and denture cleaner.

Even if you do not have any natural teeth, you still need to attend regular check-ups so we can check the health of your gums and screen for oral cancer. We will also need to make sure your dentures are still fitting properly as gums can naturally shrink over time.

Patient Testimonials

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