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Fissure Sealants

Protecting susceptible teeth

We always encourage our patients to maintain an effective oral hygiene routine to keep their teeth and gums in optimum condition. However, for high risk patients, we can also provide some additional protection, particularly for newly emerged permanent teeth, by applying a fissure sealant.

The narrow grooves on the biting surfaces of the back teeth can be tricky to keep clean but fissure sealants provide a clear protective layer which covers these grooves and prevents bacteria from entering. However, fissure sealants may not recommended or be suitable for all patients and depends on risk status.

What is the treatment process?

Step One
The tooth is cleaned, prepared with a solution that ‘etches’ the surface.

Step Two
The dried and sealant is applied so it fills the grooves and sticks to the tooth.

Step Three
The sealant is hardened with a bright light and the tooth is then fully protected.

What are the plus points?

  • reduces the risk of developing cavities
  • makes back teeth easier to clean
  • safe, painless procedure

What else do I need to know?

Although fissure sealants should be durable, we will need to check them during your routine appointments to make sure they are still intact and there is no underlying decay.

It is still important to clean your teeth at least twice a day, which will be easier after sealants have been applied because the surface of the teeth will be smoother.

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