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Composite Fillings

A tooth-coloured material

As composite (white) fillings are a made from a hard-wearing tooth-coloured resin, they offer a much less noticeable repair than those made from amalgam. The resin bonds with the tooth, supporting the remaining structure and restoring functionality.

What is the treatment process?

Step One
We remove the decayed area under a local anaesthetic.

Step Two
We layer the composite resin onto the cleaned cavity and shape this to fit the tooth.

Step Three
We use a special bright light to harden the malleable resin.

What are the plus points?

  • a natural-looking repair
  • durable under normal use
  • less of the tooth structure needs removing prior to placement

What else do I need to know?

Modern materials have made composite fillings much more durable, but how long they last will depend on the depth of the cavity and where it is located in the mouth.

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